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KIA Grand Carnival Colours
  • KIA Grand Carnival → Platinum Graphite *
  • KIA Grand Carnival → Latte *
  • KIA Grand Carnival → Crystal Blue *
  • KIA Grand Carnival → Clear:Bright Silver *
  • KIA Grand Carnival → Clear White
  • KIA Grand Carnival → Cherry Cocktail Red *

* Premium paint at additional cost. Colours and trims displayed here are a guide only and may vary from actual colours due to the display process.

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It’s your life and it’s a Carnival

Anyone who’s ever tried getting a family of eight around town knows it can be a circus. Which is why Kia designed the Kia Grand Carnival. Helping meet the hectic demands of modern family life, the Grand Carnival is a truly multi- purpose vehicle.

With its versatile 2+3+3 seating design, the Kia Grand Carnival has the room to move your entourage in style and comfort. What’s more, you’re surrounded by user-friendly features from every seat.

Packed full of innovative practicality, the Kia Grand Carnival has been ergonomically designed to cater for all kinds of trips with the entire family. Plus you’ll find plenty of spare room for their luggage, sports gear, and also the family pet.

In fact, virtually every square centimetre of the Kia Grand Carnival has been designed with a practical purpose in mind – whether it’s for storage space or comfort, the Kia Grand Carnival’s got it all.

Kia Grand Carnival

You’ll find ample head and leg room even when you carry eight people in the spacious Kia Grand Carnival.

Kia Grand Carnival

All the space you’ll ever need

You’re never short of space in the Kia Grand Carnival. Its one-touch double folding seats in the second-row not only create easy access to the third-row of seats, they can also be easily removed to expand the rear cargo space. Plus, the third-row seats fold flat and collapse into the floor, for when you need some extra luggage space.

Kia Grand Carnival

Versatile seating.

With a quick tug of a strap, you can fold and stow away the third-row seats,

which fold neatly into the floor. Flat folding seats can create more room for transporting cargo and luggage.

Convenient in-floor storage

Kia Grand Carnival

Third-row seating (Folding and sinking)

Kia Grand Carnival

Kia Grand Carnival

The power to keep up with a busy family

At the heart of the Kia Grand Carnival is an incredibly powerful 3.5L V6 CVVT (Continuous Variable Valve Timing) petrol engine with aluminium block design or a fuel-efficient 2.2L CRDi diesel engine. Both powerplants have been designed with the latest technological advancements to ensure you have the right amount of power and torque, even when every seat is occupied. While at the same time, delivering a quiet and eco- friendly ride.

The clever 6-speed Sportsmatic auto transmission features fuzzy-logic intelligence for processing information on driving styles and conditions, and an advanced powertrain control unit for smoother gear shifting.

Kia Grand Carnival

Safeguard your most precious cargo

Safety has always been Kia’s number one consideration in the development of the Kia Grand Carnival. To help protect your passengers and provide peace-of-mind, the Kia Grand Carnival features an abundance of advanced active and passive safety systems, including life- saving ESC (Electronic Stability Control) with TCS (Traction Control System), ABS brakes, six airbags, as well as optional rear parking sensors and rear view camera.

State-of-the-art safety features such as ESC help maintain control under unexpected road conditions, and incorporates TCS and Brake Assist System, which enhances the ABS to give you maximum stopping power without skidding.

Kia Grand Carnival


The Kia Grand Carnival’s rigid steel frame creates a safety cell that absorbs impact energy, with front and side collision protection at every important point to help protect passengers in the event of an impact.

Kia Grand Carnival

When sensors monitoring steering angle and wheel speed detect a potential skid, ESC (Electronic Stability Control) adjusts power and brake to help keep you on course.

The many safety features in Carnival, from the wheels and chassis to interior airbags, combine to make it an extremely safe place to be, whether you’re the driver or passenger. 

A second line of protection is offered by six state- of-the-art airbags. Front dual and side airbags help protect the driver and passenger from front and side collisions. While roof-based side-curtain airbags provide protection for the head of the passengers in the first and second rows.

Kia Grand Carnival


Kia Grand Carnival

Dual power sliding doors (Kia Grand Carnival SLi & Platinum models) The rear dual power sliding doors are operated with a touch of the remote key or switches in the overhead console, and include a manual override and obstacle detection for complete safety.


Power tailgate (Kia Grand Carnival Platinum model only)

For every shopper’s delight, the tailgate is power-operated with the remote key, overhead console switch in the cabin or button on the tailgate trim.

Keyless entry system

The keyless entry system allows you to open or close the doors. A separate button opens or closes the tailgate. (Kia Grand Carnival Platinum key shown)

Second-row power windows

For your convenience, second-row windows –

which are traditionally sealed shut on an MPV – can now be opened in seconds with a flick

of the power up-down switch.


Third-row swivelling windows

Passengers in the third-row enjoy better comfort in the Kia Grand Carnival. Swivelling windows turn outward for improved ventilation and natural cooling capability.

Kia Grand Carnival

Cluster: The stylish in-dash gauge cluster is much more than a sophisticated piece of design. It is placed in a way that emphasizes simplicity and cleanliness, allowing the driver to quickly scan basic information such as RPM and fuel or the digital trip counter.

Radio + CD player + MP3 audio system: Kia’s own audio engineering talent and expertise delivers a sound system that is as luxurious and high performing as the Kia Grand Carnival itself. Both the SLi and Si models feature a single CD player, while the Kia Grand Carnival Platinum model includes a convenient six CD stacker.


Automatic climate control system: The Kia Grand Carnival’s fully automatic climate control system comes with air quality control to reduce dust, pollen and pollutants in the cabin. At the touch of a button the interior climate will automatically adjust to your preferred temperature. (Kia Grand Carnival Platinum model only)

Kia Grand Carnival

Power driver seat: It is vital that the driver achieves the perfect posture for a relaxed trip, and the Kia Grand Carnival includes an electrically powered seat to help you achieve pin-point seating perfection. (Platinum model only)

Conversation mirror: The conversation mirror is a clever and popular innovation that brings driver and passenger together. It allows the driver to see everything that’s going on in the back without taking their eyes off the road.

Rear manual climate control: For the comfort of second- row passengers, there’s a rear manual climate control for controlling temperature and fan settings. The air vents can be independently adjusted to make every journey as comfortable as possible. (Si, SLi & Platinum model shown)


Kia Grand Carnival

Driver control panel: The driver’s control panel includes power window switches as well as central door locking switch and power window lockout – a safety feature that parents of small children will appreciate. (Si, SLi & Platinum model shown)


Heated side view mirrors: Condensation, ice and even snow can affect driving visibility, but Kia has the answer. The heated side view mirrors will clear the glass to ensure you have 100% visibility. (Si, SLi & Platinum model shown)

You can make phone calls and chat with friends like they were right there with you in the Kia Grand Carnival, with the added convenience of Bluetooth® hands-free connectivity.

Kia Grand Carnival

Rear storage box: Passengers who travel with earphones, books, maps and other essentials can neatly stow their gear away in the rear storage box. Its containment lid also doubles as a twin drinks holder.

Electrochromic mirror / Reverse camera: The Electrochromic mirror automatically dims any glare from a car’s headlights behind. While the rear-view camera cleverly mounted in the rear-view mirror displays any objects behind while reversing. (SLi and Platinum models)

Rear Parking Sensors: Children and low-lying obstacles can be difficult to see when reversing. Sensors within the bumper will alert you to the distance from objects at the rear with an audio warning. (Platinum model only)


You can opt for the 6 spoke 16- inch steel or alloy wheels or the premium 17- inch alloy wheels for the ultimate appeal.


Kia Grand Carnival

235 / 60R 17″Alloy Wheel (SLi and Platinum models).

Kia Grand Carnival

25 / 70R 16″ Alloy Wheel (Si model).

Kia Grand Carnival

225 / 70R 16″ Wheel Cover (S model).


Kia Grand Carnival

Dimensions (mm)

Kia Grand Carnival

As eco-conscious as you are

Kia Grand Carnival


So you value sustainable living? We do too. That’s why we take pride in rising to meet the expectations and challenges of the 21st century while making tangible contributions to the preservation of the environment and sustainable development of society.


We set up an environmental research centre to spearhead our drive for the production of clean hybrid and fuel-cell vehicles to lead the way to eco-friendly cars for a greener tomorrow for you, your children and our planet.


The concept of eco-friendly cars is adhered to throughout all cycles of a vehicle’s life.


From design through to recycling, we create innovative products, ensuring state-of-the-art design for recycling (DfR) guidelines. Wherever possible, recycled and recyclable materials are being used in the production of every Kia.


Even at the end of your car’s life, one of our environmental targets is the eco-friendly return and treatment of end-of-life vehicles.


Operating a rigid process, we guarantee environmental protection in the treatment of harmful waste substances. These are then recycled or recovered, ensuring the highest level of environmental protection.


As you can see, what you do on a small scale with your household recycling, we at Kia Motors do on a large scale with the vehicles we produce.

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